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New in town... 
02:13am 04/07/2003
  Hey guys. Noticed this "community" is a bit slow at the moment, but joined in because I too am a worshiper of Ali Larter. Could the woman be any more breathtaking? I am more than psyched to know that she has a new film (in production, currently, I believe) and I've been anxiously awaiting something new from her since the fourth time I saw Final Destination 2 in theatres. Okay, I'll stop with the inane rambling now...But man, she's hot!  

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08:59pm 21/01/2003
mood: mischievous

i joined cos Sara is a tool and has no friends.
hehhe, j/k.
i like ALi as well, she's pretty damn cool!
so, all you ppl reading. join now fuck yas!


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02:16am 21/01/2003
mood: accomplished

Hey everyone who might be reading this, I hope you take some time out to stop and join this community. If you're an Ali fan, you're more than welcome to join ;) I noticed there was no other communities or anything devoted to her so I decided to change that, this was an old LJ of mine but I didn't need it and thought I should put it to better use, so here it is :) Ali-ized and ready to go. Feel free to post info, pix, icons, layouts or anything Ali related to your pretty little hearts desire.

Welcome everyone, and I hope you enjoy this!


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